This privacy statement covers the website (GMT Brokers Markets LTD –
Marshall Island) and all its related sub-domains and mobile applicatons that are registered
and operated by GMT Brokers Markets LTD.

1. Introducton

GMT Brokers Markets (hereinafer the “Company”or “we”) which is a member of the GMT Brokers
Markets LTD Group, is incorporated under the laws of Marshall Island with Registraton 96658
having its registered ofce at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro,
Marshal Islands MH96960. The Company in accordance with the provisions of the Law,
outlines in the Privacy Policy (herein the “Policy”) how the Company collects, maintains, uses
and discloses personal informaton of the Client. This Policy applies to GMT Brokers Markets Ltd
which shall follow the principles as outlined herein. This Policy applies to existng clients,
prospectve clients, clients who have terminated their contractual relatonship with the
Company and website visitors (herein afer jointly referred to as the “Clients” or “you”) who
are accessing or using the Company’s website(s) and mobile applicatons (herein afer referred
to as the “Platorms”). GMT Brokers Markets LTD is commited to protectng the privacy of all
Clients ‘Personal Data which it processes in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and
the Company’s Terms of Business. For the purposes of this Policy, references to “Personal
Data”shall mean data which identies or may identfy Clients and which may include, for
example, a Client’s name, address, identicaton number, telephone number and date of birth.

2. Collecton of Personal Data

The Company collects diferent types of Personal Data through the Company’s Platorms from
Clients who visit such Platorms or access, use or request products and services ofered by the
Company. The provision of certain Personal Data is required for establishing a contractual
relatonship with the Company. Clients not wishing to provide such Personal Data will not be
able to open an account with the Company or be provided with other products and/or services
of the Company. Clients have a responsibility to ensure that the Personal Data they provide to
the Company and recorded in their personal account (Client Wallet) remain accurate and up to
date throughout the period of their contractual relatonship with the Company.
Personal data collected includes:
Personal details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Financial
details such as estmated annual income and net worth, trading experience and investment

Identty veriicaton such as Passport or ID, Utlity Bills, and/or Bank Statement or your
company informaton details. Informaton relevant to the services that the Company provides
to the Client such as the Client’s transactons and communicaton records with the Company.
Informaton in relaton to criminal convictons and ofences to the extent required and/or
permited by applicable law. If your personally identiable informaton changes, you must
inform us by emailing our Customer Support at [email protected]

3. No Under Age Data Collecton

The Company understands the importance of protectng children’s privacy. The Company’s
services are not intended for children under eighteen (18) years of age nor are the Company’s
website designed for use by children. Therefore, the Company does not knowingly or
speciically collect children’s personal data. If the Company collects such data mistakenly or
unintentonally, the Company shall delete the informaton at the earliest possible once it
obtains knowledge thereof. If the Client becomes aware of such data collecton he/she shall
notfy the Company at [email protected]

4. Use of Personal Data

The following list illustrates the reasons why the Company may need to use your personally
identiable informaton:
1. To verify your identty
2. To ensure that you meet the suitability requirements to use our products and services.
3. To manage the account you have with us. To process your transacton.
4. To send you informaton about transacton/post-transactons services.
5. To keep you updated with the news and our products, services and other informaton.
6. For website improvement purposes.
7. For the analysis of statstcal data which will help us provide you with beter products
and services in the future.

5. Privacy

Any personal informaton you provide to the company will be treated as conidental and
shared only within the Group or Company, its afliates and its business partners and will not
be disclosed to any third party expect under any regulatory or legal proceedings as well as to
third partes that solely provide statstcal services to the Company to improve its marketng
campaign. The personal informaton that you provide in connecton with registering yourself
as a user of the website or the Services is classiied as Registraton Informaton.

Registraton Informaton is protected in many ways. You can access your Registraton
Informaton through a password selected by you. This password is encrypted and known only
to you. Your password must not be revealed to anyone. Registraton Informaton is safely
stored on secure servers that only authorized personnel have access to via password. The
Company encrypts all personal informaton as it is transferred to the Company and thus makes
all necessary efort to prevent unauthorized partes from viewing any such informaton.

6. Client Records Retenton Periods

Under the applicable laws and regulatons, the Company is required to keep records
containing Client Personal Data, trading informaton, account opening documents,
communicatons and anything else which relates to the Client afer the executon of each
transacton and/or for six (6) years of the terminaton of the business relatonship.

7. Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company reserves the right to disclose your personal identiable informaton as required
by law and when the Company believes that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights
and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our web
site. The Company will not be liable for misuse or loss of personal informaton resultng from
cookies on Company’s websites that the Company does not have access to or control over. The
Company will not be liable for unlawful or unauthorized use of your personal informaton due
to misuse or misplacement of your passwords, negligent or malicious, however contacted.

8. Marketng Purpose

The Company may process Personal Data to tell its Clients about products, services and ofers
that may be of interest to the Client. The Company may only process such Personal Data if it
has obtained the Client’s explicit consent to do so. If the Client no longer wishes to receive any
promotonal communicatons, he may opt-out of receiving them by following the instructons
included in each communicaton or by updatng his email subscripton preferences within the
Client account area.

9. Business Transfers Legal Requirement

If the Company is involved in a merger, acquisiton, inancing due diligence, reorganizaton,
bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets, or transiton of service to another provider,
Client’s Personal Data and other informaton may be transferred to a successor or Afliate as
part of that transacton along with other assets.

10. Right of Access

In compliance with the Law, every user is granted a number of rights in relaton to their
Personal Data. There rights include accessing and amending your Personal Data, putng a stop
to the processing on this data and preventng undesirable marketng. Under the Law, you have
the right to request any personal data the company holds about you and to inform the
company of any perceived inaccuracy. We may charge a fee to cover the associated
administratve costs. You are not obligated to provide any of the personal data requested by
the Company. In the absence of this informaton, however, the company may not be able to
open account for you, or to provide you with any other services, informaton or assistance you
have thought.

11. Amendments to this Policy

The Company reserves the right to review and amend this Policy from tme to tme for any
reason and notfy the Clients of any such amendments accordingly by postng an updated
version of this Policy on the Company’s website(s). The Company will notfy you about any
material changes to this Policy by placing a notce on its website or by communicatng with
you directly.

12. Enquiries and Contact Details

Any enquiries regarding this Privacy Policy please inform us by email to our Customer Support
at [email protected]

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